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We render our services with professional operating standards and agreed service levels (SLA), as well as high-availability, scalable security infrastructure.

Small to medium-sized businesses

Do you want to allow transfer or joint processing of GDPR-compliant files by secure means?


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Managed in a German computing centre by a German operator


and can be used with any browser


Authenticated access and encrypted transport

Swap is a secure Dropbox alternative in the private cloud

Many providers offer cloud storage. But if you want to make sure German data protection under the Federal Data Protection Act applies, it’s best to choose a German provider. If you also want to agree on a specific service level (SLA), Swap – the Pallas solution in the Pallas private cloud – is your go-to. Swap is built on the open-source software NextCloud and offers encrypted storage and transfer. For flawless, secure file transfer, we offer SFTP (secure file transfer) solutions.

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Nextcloud offers the industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform.

Our technology combines the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive with the security, privacy and control business needs.




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