IT infrastructure analysis

Our experience managing complex IT infrastructure goes back decades and our customers make use of this to get a handle on their own operational problems. Usually it’s a case of troubleshooting. Pallas carries out infrastructure analyses with an emphasis on security and performance.

Performance issues with your infrastructure?

You’ve been managing your infrastructure for years or suddenly have to manage altered system landscapes because of new structures. The convergence of on-premise and cloud solutions plays an additional role.
New demands from your users also lead to a greater burden and confront you with new security challenges.

Our team of experienced IT management experts can help!


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Root cause analysis and problem solving

We analyse the observed problem and make suggestions for efficient problem solving

Resource optimisation

Optimisation of the available resources to avoid unnecessary expansions and the unnecessary investment involved, or to make necessary investments in a targeted way

IT security analysis / vulnerability analysis

The easiest way to start improving IT security is with a vulnerability analysis. An expert does a baseline check of IT management and a representative viewing of the entire IT infrastructure (network components, server and workplace systems, and environment infrastructure). Concentrating on core threats and critical systems keeps costs low. The result is a report that assesses critical security vulnerabilities according to risk class. Steps to reduce or remedy vulnerabilities in order of criticality are also included.

IT performance

The management experience at Pallas is also harnessed when customer infrastructure has performance bottlenecks. Often, many components like servers, operating system, applications, network, LAN, WAN, and their characteristics and configurations play a role. Various indicators are used for troubleshooting, e.g. traces, thread logs, Oracle logs, database queries, source code analyses, and security and technical alerts of the relevant manufacturers.

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